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Oh, Players!

O Manglemjao, WSN Managing Editor

Players, players,
our players.
Bring glory,
with your highest dedication.

Sportsmanship arises,
with humbleness.
Preserve identity,
with true mind.

With truth,
in the journey of life.
Players; players,
remember your highest dedication.P


O Manglemjao, WSN Managing Editor

Muaythai, Muaythai,
From the land of Thailand;
The Art of Grace,
Can face all seasons!

With the Power of Hands, Legs,
In the Fighting Rings;
With the Power of Elbows, Knees,
Revolving to Eternal Art!

Staying Gracefully in Thailand,
With the Serenity, Quietness;
The Art of Kingdom’s Pride,
Becomes World’s Household Name,
Muaythai is the One.

To the people we owe!

O Manglemjao, WSN Managing Editor

Oh, players, Oh, Players,
Come you all,
To the playing arena.

Let’s see who wins,
In the fighting,
By the rule of games.

Born to fight,
From the same Mother,
We are same.

Oh, Mother,
The burden you endure,
For the love of your children.

Coming with our trophies,
To showcase our crowns,
For the world we owe.

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